Dear Doctor Crabtree,

I regret to inform you that there has been a most terrible mistake. The blood was for the urgent treatment of your patient, Mr Guy Foster. It was not my blood, but the blood of ten virgins, and was needed to cleanse Mr Foster's blood from the effects of a vampire attack.
These matters were discussed in a telephone conversation I had with Dr Van Helsing, and I included with the blood a note confirming them.

I fear it may now be too late for Mr Foster. If he has recovered from his coma then he is beyond saving. A stake must be driven through his heart immediately. You may encounter some resistance to this, as it is not standard hospital procedure, however Dr Van Helsing has the authority to make the arrangements and perform the operation.
If Mr Foster is still comatose there may yet be hope. Please contact me as soon as possible if further blood is needed. I have spoken to the ten virgins and such is Mr Foster's reputation among the international Orienteering community that they are all willing to donate blood a second time.

Andrew Bolton.