TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)
I love TVP. No one else seems to, though. It's crunchy stuff which, when soaked, turns into fake mince. Compared to real mince, it is very low fat, it doesn't feel heavy in your stomach, and, obviously, it's not made of a hacked up dead animal.
It's also cheap. (Not so cheap in little boxes from Woolworths, but very cheap if you get it from one of those 'serve yourself from our 50kg sack' type places). A friend of mine who was a poor student used it not because she was a vegetarian but because she was poor.
It doesn't have much taste of its own, but it's OK if mixed with a tasty sauce.
I find it quite annoying that books with titles like 'The Ultimate Vegetarian Cookbook' don't even mention TVP.

Fake bacon, made by Sanitarium. I like the taste and I like the smell, but it looks like a 1970s attempt at toy plastic bacon. Not suitable for Vegans (contains egg)
Kay doesn't like Notbacon. :-(

Made by Dorsogna (more famous for the real thing). Available in several flavours including Spanish Spicy. My cousin introduced me to these. YUMM!!! Not suitable for Vegans (contains egg). Sanitarium make something similar, plus hotdogs.