Jennifer Slater.
Slater Duude & Co,
Barristers & Solicitors,
Level 12 Allendale Square,
Saint George's Terrace,
Perth 6000


Great news! Some fool has come forward with news that Breakwind have been mis-handling cobras. This will be just the proof I need to get me off the machete charge. Can you meet with us early next week?

If you have time, could you also get in touch with my Financial Advisor? His name is Michael Abraham - he should be in the telephone book, but if not, look him up in the book in the top drawer of my desk at home. My house key is under the cat - it isn't actually alive, it is stuffed. Lift up its tail.

By now we have brought Breakwind such bad publicity that its share-price is half of the lowest it has ever previously been, so it will soon be time for us to buy up BIG!
And then when I'm out, when I take control... the little guy, the battler who won out... now at the head of a new, honest, caring Breakwind - the public will flock to us! It would be good if you could line up interviews with Hinch, Sattler etc.

Jen, it's all coming together!

Andrew B.